Graffiti Removal South Australia & Northern Territory.


Emergency Graffiti Removal.

We provide an express graffiti removal service throughout South Australia & the Northern Territory. We have the experience & ability to remove any type of graffiti from any surface and from any location, fast!


Our leading-edge techniques comply with current OH&S and Environmental Management best business practices to remove all types of Graffiti.


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Anti Graffiti Coatings.


In addition to graffiti removal at Broadhurst we also offer a range of anti graffiti coatings to assist you to limit your risk associated with Graffiti. There are in general 2 types of coatings.


Sacrificial coatings.

A sacrificial coating will be removed, when any graffiti is removed & must be re applied for continued protection. Sacrificial coatings are cheaper & are also clear, so you can't notice it.


Non sacrificial coatings.

Non sacrificial coatings will last up to 10yrs, it's a complex 2 part process to apply & as such is more expensive to apply. A non sacrificial coating will always be glossy & as such will change the aesthetic of your wall.


At Broadhurst we offer both types of coatings & are happy to work with you to discuss the best solution for your graffiti problem.


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